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Shaun Singh   (Kalysto Bengals)


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We currently have a litter of 4 beautiful Silver Bengal kittens sired by our Queen Harley and Stud Dexter.
There are 2 silver girls and 2 boys, one of which is a Silver/Smoke.
These kittens certainly take after their parents with their beautiful and striking markings, well rounded ears, spotted tummies, stunning eyes and big beautiful whisker pads.
These kittens will make beautiful kittens and there are a couple which we believe would make an excellent addition to a small breeding program.
This mating means the kittens come from the best Silver pedigree possible in this country, his lineage includes; MacEnvi, Silverstorm, Blue Water, Hallmark, Sierragold and Drinkwater. There are Grand Champions and prize winners on both sides of the pedigree and we anticipate his markings will further improve.
All kittens are fully vaccinated and will have been given both both worm and flea prevention treatment. Kittens do not leave until after 12 weeks old and will be registered with TICA.

Litter Pedigree:
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
Kalysto Jumping Jack Flash Spotzn Stripz Ghetto Superstar Xclusive Xzibit
DGC Kiabindhi Sterling Silver
Silverstorm Hot Patootie Of Kalysto Jungletime Tribal Design
QGC Silverstorm Raindance
Macenvi Silver Aglaia Of Kalysto Hallmark Sterling Silver Hallmark Silver Divinity
Jumanji Solar Flare
Sierragold Puzzle of Macenvi SGC SierraGold Phoenix Rising
Stonehenge URockGirl Of SierraGold
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