Bengal Kittens for sale in Greater Manchester from Bundara 

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Bengal Kittens for sale in the UK



Karen Holden   (Bundara Bengals)
01942 791369


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Outstanding 2 x male & 2 X female Brown Spotted Bengal TICA reg Kittens
Ready Now
For more pictures and reviews please go to our website or Facebook page.
READY TO LEAVE NOW. We have available 2 outstanding male & 2 female Brown Spotted Bengal kittens, as you can see on the photos & video they already has very distinctive rosettes, they are very playful and have amazing temperaments, they have all been well socialised in a loving family home environment, used to all the noises of a family household, and has been handled from soon after birth.
All our Kittens are PK Def & PRA b normal. They are from champion winning lines and both the parents can be seen.
Please enquire with your requirements, regarding prices and remaining availability.
Bundara Bengals are small hobby breeders based near Bolton.
Our kittens are well socialised and brought up indoors and are very much a part of our family.
Our kittens do not leave us before they are at least13 weeks old.
The kittens will be TICA registered. They will be fully vaccinated, all worming and flea preventative treatments will have been administered. All kittens come with a 5-generation pedigree and a care sheet. There will also be a kitten pack with a sample of their food and litter, 5 weeks free insurance. For more pictures and reviews please go to our website or facebook page. Please enquire with your requirements, regarding prices and remaining availability.

When buying a Bengal kitten please consider the below.
1. Buy from a long-time registered breeder who clearly advertises that they do all health tests (and ask to see results)
2. Don't settle for what is the cheapest kitten. Your 'cheap purchase' may prove to be a very expensive one once the vet is called in.
3. Talk at length to the breeder. Ask LOTS of questions. And be expected to be asked some back too!! A good and ethical breeder will always be looking for a suitable loving and permanent home for their babies.
4. Ask to see test results. The very BASIC tests will mean PRA-b (early age blindness around 2 years), PKdef. (ALL are serious issues within the breed) Ask to see these results from the parent cats and also the registration documents.... and make sure that the parents were sold **WITH BREEDING RIGHTS** (This too is important!)
5. Go visit!! Ask for photo's first and check that the kitten looks: A. Healthy. B: Happy. Check he/she will have had a FULL COURSE of vaccinations (at around 9 and 12 weeks) are included in the cost of your chosen kitten. We can also arrange to vaccinate your kitten against Leukaemia (it is a killer), plus microchip at extra cost before you pick your kitty up.
6. Ask what age the kitten can leave home. Any breeder allowing a kitten to leave home *before* a full course of vaccinations (and hopefully neutering too) is possibly a BYB (Back Yard Breeder) and should be avoided. Any breeder worth their salt will fully vaccinate, microchip AND neuter their kittens before they leave at around 12 - 13 weeks, and not before. Breeders who sell their kittens at 7 - 10 weeks do NOT have the kittens' best interests at heart.
7. AVOID: Anyone who will sell a kitten without papers/Pedigree Certificate, from non-health tested parents, without FULL vaccinations, younger than 12 weeks, without papers.
8. TALK to the seller. You can gain a LOT of info from a breeder/seller just by conversation in emails, Facebook PM's, texts etc.
9. Search thoroughly. Search carefully. Do LOTS of research before you buy. NEVER make any payment until you are 100% sure that this seller has a kitten in their possession to sell you, and that they are registered breeders who do all the relevant health tests.
10: Finally, talk to other people who have bought kittens from this seller. Word of mouth is a wonderful way of exchanging both the good and the bad info. If a breeder has bred for several years, there is a far bigger chance they will be GOOD, because bad news always travels faster than good, so if they are BAD breeders, they will not last very long. I am an ethical, breeder and have bred Bengals for 7 years and have shown our cats and our cats are regularly successfully shown by their new owners, with excellent results. We do the essential health tests (which have thankfully been NEGATIVE to date) ...and are always here to offer help and guidance should it be needed after you purchase your kitty. All our kittens are born and raised in our home. This is a very important start for them, as it accustoms them to life within the home and it's surroundings before they leave for their new homes. *Our pet kittens start from around 650* (plus neutering costs) Photos shown here are an example of our kittens and cats. Both Parents can be viewed. For further info please email: or check out our website and Facebook page. Alternatively, you can always phone. Contact details are on our website. We regularly have a small number of home-bred kittens available Please note that all prices are FROM and are dependent on your requirements e.g. breeding, show or pet. No picture seekers or time wasters please. For further information please visit our web site or our facebook page (Bundara Bengals).

Bengal Kittens for sale in Greater Manchester from Bundara Bengal Kittens for sale in Greater Manchester from Bundara Bengal Kittens for sale in Greater Manchester from Bundara
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