Bengal Kittens for sale in Kent from Rosewood Bengals

Bengal Kittens for sale in the UK



Marion MacLaren   (Rosewood Bengals)

01227 730174


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Kittens available at varying times throughout the year.
Check with breeder
Check with breeder
Show / Breed quality or will simply make lovely pets. Fully eligible for GCCF registration. Great characters, full of fun. Lovely clear coats with promising two toned rosettes. Quality bloodlines / full pedigree provided going back 5 generations.

Bengal Kittens for sale in Kent

Bengal Kittens for sale in Kent

Bengal Kittens for sale in Kent
Litter Pedigree:
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
Tatudtiger Floyd Advish Cheeko Glitterglam Millionheir
Llandar Lysette
Wildheart Crystal Clear Admewsh Tawking
Jaspurra Starstruck
Adcinsh Jessiebell Brockenmoor Galileo CH Millwood Italian Filigree
Brockenmoor Chantal
Amisar Tiger Lily Addvensh Millwood Ringoe
Amisar Pandemonium Lolla
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