Bengal Kittens for sale in Cumbria from Southlakes Bengals

Bengal Kittens for sale in the UK



Angela Smillie   (Southlakes Bengals)


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Registered with TICA, Five generation pedigree certificate. Vet checked at least twice, fully inoculated, wormed at two, five and twelve weeks of age.
Four weeks free pet insurance with Petplan, food wet/dry, cat litter ,toys etc


Litter Pedigree:
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
Sunstorm Eskimo Joe Silverstorm Tribal Prince Jungletime Tribal Design
Ballagio Belle of Jungletime
Spotsofgold Midnight Shadows New Leaf Boacouids Bo Jangles
Lykaleopard Twilight of Newleaf
Rakasta Iona of Southlakes Shimmershine Jon Snow Quadzillas Wildchild
Dazzledots Twilight Flare
Rakasts MyMyMy Delialah Grand Champiom Glitterglam Oscar
Wildforest Ladybug
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