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Bengal Kittens for sale in CaernarfonBengalheritage
TICA Reg. breeder, specialising in silver and silver snow bengals. Breeding for good nature and temperament.
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** International - Germany Bengals from the Saffenburg Snow seal lynx point  
** International - Ireland Rakasta Brown Spot/Ros  
Aberdeenshire Towanreef BrownRos SnowMinkRos  
Bedfordshire Bengalmoon BrownSpot  BlueSpot  
Berkshire Arcatia Snow Marble  
  Follywood Snow Marble  
  Looking Glass Brown Spot/Ros  
  Lunar Leopards Brown Ros  Snow  
  Orchidhouse Brown  Silver  Snow  
  Pouncival Brown/Black Marble  
Buckinghamshire Hill Farm Bengals Silver Spotted  
  Katzkybengals BrSp Charc  SnSepia charc  
Cambridgeshire Glitterglam BrownMa SealMink SnowRos  
Carmarthenshire Cheekymonkey Brwn Silv Silv/SnowMinkRos  
Cheshire Angeldust Brown  Snow  Silver  
  Goldsun Snow Marble  
  Shadowdreambengals Brown Spot/Ros  
  Sundara Cats Check with breeder  
Clackmannanshire Summerspride Silver Charcoal  
  Supernova Seallynx silverseallynx marb  
Devon Artworks BrRos SilvRos BlckBrwnMarb  
  Moonmoor BrownSp  SnowSp  
  Noblepaws Brown Spot/Ros  
Dorset Madhouse BrownSpot  BrownMarb  
East Ayrshire Dalraefin BrownMarb  SnowMarb  
East Sussex Purrplefection Various  
East Yorkshire Whitecross Check with breeder  
Eire - Roscommon Sunstorm Brown Rosetted  
Essex Heavenscreation Snow Mink Charcoal  
  Roostersproud Topcat BrownSpot  SilvSpot  
Falkirk Albakatz Snow Marble  
Flintshire Thomastar Brown Spotted  
Glamorgan Springmeadow Brown Marble  
Glasgow Kalysto Silver  
Gloucestershire Glittergloss Check with breeder  
Greater Manchester Bundara Brown Spotted  
  Geolynz Check with breeder  
  Teganyuri BrwnRos BrMar Snow  
  Tillytoms BrownSpot  Brown Marb  
  Wildandbeauty Check with breeder  
Gwynedd Bengalheritage Silver SilvSnow SilvCharc  
Hampshire Abooksigun Silver mink marble  
  Elaine Clarke Brown Rosetted  
Hertfordshire Chantily Brown Rosetted  
  Katzizi Brown Rosetted  
  Tiggersrus BrSp BrMar TriMar  
Inverness-shire Cairngorm Brown Rosetted  
Kent ByeZira Brown Rosetted  
  Dotties-Bengals Various  
  Karen Ede Brown Rosetted  
  Rioja Brown Rosetted  
  Rosewood Check with breeder  
  Shimmerspot BrownRos  
  Wellspotted BrwnSp/Ros  
Lancashire Bengalkatzhouse    
  Catzz9 Various  
  Lynzbengalz Brown Spot/Ros  
  Moonstorm Silver  Snow  
Leicestershire JCJC Bengals Brown Ros Marb  
Lincolnshire Alexia BrownSpot  SilverSpot  
  Hetep Brown Marbled  
  Junglefire SilvRos  SilvSnowRos  
  Manimar Brown Rosetted  
London Barbary Brown Marble  
  Brenda Knight Brown Ros  
  Chimarjara Brown Spotted  
Middlesex Typhast Check with breeder  
Norfolk Ria Seaman BrwnRos SilvSpot Black  
  Thomas Spaltenstein Snow Rosetted  
Northamptonshire Blueocean Check with breeder  
  GrandRoyal Brown Rosetted  
North Lincolnshire Bobbydazzler BrRos SnowSepiaRos  
North Somerset Newtons Brown Rosetted  
North Yorkshire Ruth Gaunt BrwnRos BrwnMar  
  Snowyboots Snow Spotted  
  Wildvelvet Brown Rosetted  
Oxfordshire Jenmarler Snow Spot/Ros  
  Wothorpe BrwnSp/Ros  Snow  
Shropshire Leopards Den BrownRos  SealMink  
  Shandaval Brown Spotted  
  Tawnyrose BrSp BrMa SealMinkSnSp  
South Yorkshire Ophira Brown Spot  Sparble  
  PurebengalsGB Silver Rosetted  
  Stelmaria Brown Ros 09/07/21
Surrey Cabana    
Tyne and Wear Majesticgems Brown Rosetted  
  Tyneview Brown and Black  
Warwickshire Hotfuzz Seal Lynx  Seal Mink  
  Kula Check with breeder  
  TatudTiger Brown Rosetted  
West Midlands Bengal Pride Brown Spotted  
  Chrisjay Brown Rosetted  
  Cositoes Various  
  Empawrium Brown  Silver  
  Lightpaw Seal lynx point SnowSpot  
  Puremagic Brown Ros  Snow Ros  
West Sussex Authenticats BrownRos  SepiaRos  
  Zane Sully BrRos SnowMink SnowLynx  
West Yorkshire Moorland Bengals Check with breeder  
Wiltshire BexBengals BrMar SilvSp SilvMarb  
  Manifesto BrownSpot  SnowSpot  
  Naomi Barker Silver/Black Spotted  
  Nebibi Brown Marbled  
  Nevaeh Brown Spotted  
  Shaanxi Brown Rosetted  
  Trevenen BrownRos  BrownMarb  
  Utaneko Brown Rosetted  
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